How to Choose Your First Self-Defense Weapon

How to Choose Your First Self-Defense Weapon: For those of you who are considering purchasing your first firearm for self-defense, you need to do something. The first thing you need to do, before rushing to a gun store or even looking online, is to stop and think for a bit. You need to ask yourself this […]

Should I purchase a gun online?

Should I purchase a gun online?: The idea of buying weapons online raises many questions and concerns among gun enthusiasts, but the process of buying from online gun dealers is legal, regulated, and offers some advantages over the local gun shop. Here are four advantages to why you should buy guns online. Selection — The […]

How to Use a Gun Safety Lock

How to Use a Gun Safety Lock: They work very well, but only if you use them properly. Some surveys show up to 10% of American gun-owners who also have children at home have at least one gun that’s loaded and unlocked. Gun locks are not very expensive, costing just $10 or a little more. But […]

Too Young to Shoot Guns?

Too Young to Shoot Guns?: It is common practice to set legal ages for activities that require maturity such as voting, driving, and drinking alcohol. Purchasing and possessing a firearm necessitate the same, and in the United States of America, there exist the federal law and the state law which regulate the age limit for which […]

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