Are you looking for where to Buy Guns Online in the UK?  if so Tjay firearms has all models you need for your personal defense and security. Get your arm companion now for a more comfortable welfare.  We have handguns and Rifles for sale of various model you will find in our store. Many firearms have been manufactured from various manufacturing gun companies. We pride ourselves in selling the relevance that will best suit your desire in the United Kingdom. For more inquiries, contact our customer service or leave us a message when offline.


Buying a Gun online is an easy, discreet and legal way to buy your gun. Visit our inventory and shop a vast collection of guns that you are sure it will be at your convenience. After choosing the right gun for yourself, we will ship directly to your location. You must have a License that permits you to possess a firearm.

Why Buy Guns Online

  1. Suitability 
  2. Publicity Offers direct from Suppliers
  3. Large Selection of Guns from popular Brands in the industry
  4. The Privacy of buying from your home



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Why Tjay Fire arms Gun Shop?

Buy Guns online in UK. We are one of the largest gun shops in the UK, London and fastest growing where our stock keeps on increasing. We aim to keep a broad range of firearms such as Rifles, HandGuns and Shotguns. Browse our store and choose the right gun for you. If you are looking for a model that is not available in our store, please kindly leave us a message at or give us a call on +44 7520 607062

We pride our gun shop on being official stockists for the world’s best shooting brands with a number of exclusive products unavailable anywhere else in the UK. We also offer a free full lifetime service and repair warranty on all newly purchased rifles and handguns from us. 

We are grateful to our ever-growing number of loyal customers and welcome new friends and customers every day and will promise you our very best attention and service at all times.

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